The University Central Library occupies an indispensable place in the Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University, which enhances Research & Development activities. It is the most lively placed department in the campus providing resources to enable learning and advancement of knowledge and whereby discovering new insights in all the academic progrtammes offered in this University. The University Central Library has a rich source of information resources ranging from Text Books, Reference Books, Journals/Magazines, Theses/Dissertations, Journals Back Volumes, Reports, Standards, CD-ROMs, etc. At present this library holds nearly 2900 books which fulfills the day to day information requirements of Faculties, Research Scholars, and Students.
The Library is considered as the backbone of teaching and research activities carried out in this University. The Periodical section has 34 periodicals (22 National & International Journals +12 National Magazines). These primary resources provide rich source of information to carry out research activities. The University Library is automated with a Library Automation Software. All the resources are available in the Library database members can access the Library resources through this software. Reference services namely guiding the members in locating the specific documents and instructing them in accessing the electronic resources through Internet are practiced in the University Library.
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